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Finding head lice on a client can be stressful for both the families and the hair stylists. Here is a step by step guide on what to do should you find lice:

When Lice is Discovered:

You do not need to bug out!
We realize cosmetology guidelines are strict when it comes to head lice, but we're here to let you know that you do not have to shut down the operation or worry that you may now have lice too.

It's ok to finish the hair cut.
Many stylists stop in the middle of the hair cut adding to the embarrassment and humiliation of the family. While we understand guildlines advised you to stop, finishing the cut does not put anyone in the salon at greater risk of getting lice.

Hand the parents an informational card
For many families this may be the first time they deal with having lice and have no idea what to do next. You can send us an email at and we will gladly send your salon information cards for your parents at no charge. This will go over everything they need to not bug out 🙂 You can also let them know that professional services may be in their area and in many cases can book an appointment that same day.

Here is an example note to hand to parents.

Refer them to a professional
Professional lice removal specialists have so many benefits besides the service of removal. They can thoroughly check all household members to make sure parents are treating only those affected by lice. Also, in some cases head lice has been misdiagnosed and no treatment is needed at all. Professionals also sell the best lice combs. This is extremely important because having the right comb can save hours of combing especially on long, thick hair. In addition, most lice professionals sell only products free from chemicals that are safe, non-toxic and effective.
Most importantly, they have the right information to save parents a lot of time and energy spent on getting rid of lice. Many parents feel much less stressed after speaking with or visiting a professional.

What to Do Around the Salon:

You do not have to throw anything out
Again, we realize this goes against cosmetology guidelines, but some are extreme when it comes to lice. We recommend:
Wipe down the salon chair
Wipe down the cape
Wash combs and brushes in hot water
Lint roll yourself (in more severe cases)
That's it. really, that's all. 🙂

How can this be? It goes against everything I've learned
The head lice industry and information regarding head lice protocol is lagging far behind it's time. Many studies have come out showing that lice cannot survive off the head for more that 24 hours and 98% of transfers are from direct head to head contact. They're not shown to carry disease and in most cases, the thought of having is far worse than actually having it. Staying calm and keeping the family calm is the best way to handle the discovery of lice.

Quick Lice Facts to Share:

Lice cannot hop, jump or fly and in most cases only transfer from direct head to head contact.

Animal lice and head lice are different. We cannot give lice to our pets and they cannot give it to us.

Lice die off the head within 24 hours.

Not everyone itches, but for those who do, itching can last up to two weeks

Eggs are not contagious

All eggs must be removed

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