LiceLogic Clear & Free Eliminator Nit Comb


Our LiceLogic Clear & Free Eliminator Nit Comb is the #1 rated head lice and nit comb by professionals and physicians. Made of durable stainless steel, it is designed with unique and patented micro-grooved teeth that are strong and grip the hair from root to tip to ensure that even the smallest nits are removed. The LiceLogic Clear & Free Eliminator Nit Comb is sturdy, eco-friendly and reusable after sterilization. Should be used for headlice treatment and lice checks too. This Nit Comb is an indispensable tool in natural lice treatment, lice prevention, and nit removal.

More info about LiceLogic:

LiceLogic has been independently tested by the leading lice expert in the country, is lice expert approved, and is used by professional lice treatment specialists all over the world. It is also a trusted and natural favorite among parents battling head lice.

All LiceLogic products are biodegradable and never tested on animals – only lice, and are proudly
made in the U.S.A. Available in Peppermint scent.

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