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We hope you enjoy this site! It is designed to help anyone and everyone that comes across head lice. Having head lice can be overwhelming and with so many myths out there on the web, having the wrong information can add to the frustration of having head lice.

​The authors are certified head lice professionals with years of hands on experience dealing with head lice. Both belong to the Shepherd Institute and a network of almost 200 lice professionals around the world. Being at the forefront of head lice treatment on a daily basis is what has brought all of this information to you. We've seen it all and we've heard it all. We hear the wrong information repeated every day. Having the right information is so important and saves incredible amounts of time and money when dealing with head lice.

This site is here to take away the stress of not knowing what to do should head lice ever visit your family. Understanding that much of this information you may read on this website may contradict what you have already heard, we have backed up our information with supporting research. Rest assured the information on this site is correct and together we can help break down the negative stigma that is associated with head lice.

Please note: while we don't endorse any one product or service, we do want to make sure that information on this site is proven safe and effective.

Laurene Plourde


"What if I fall? Oh but my darling, what if you fly?"

-Erin Hanson


Laurene is the founder and owner of The Littlest Lice Shop, LLC. After battling head lice twice with her twins, she saw the potential to help other families going through the panic she went through. She has been in business over 4 years and holds two certifications from the top lice training institutes in the country. Laurene has helped hundreds of families get rid of their head lice and get the kids back to school the next day.

Realizing there wasn't much help for those opting to treat at home, she decided to create a website that would be a great source of information for parents, caregivers and professionals on the front lines of detection. She hopes to help millions of people through their head lice battle by providing accurate, efficient information needed to be successful the first time in getting rid of head lice.

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Meredith is the founder and owner of Dandy Strands Head Lice Removal Service LLC, Oklahoma’s only Shepherd certified head lice specialist. She is also a successful consultant in the head lice industry. She's a mother of two and has 13 years experience in ordinary head lice treatments and their failures. ​

After struggling with head lice for years she educated herself and became certified to ensure her community was offered the best help. She has dealt with many aspects of head lice such as: school and daycare outbreaks, ineffective policies and loss of work. She now helps other parents and familes combat head lice in a safe reassuring manner. Excited to be part of the team, Meredith has been an instrumental consultant to Let's Learn About Lice, She has a knack for research and has been able to find the studies and articles to back up the information brought to you on this site.

Meredith Riley

Research Contributor

"Never stop learning because life will never stop teaching."

 - Unknown

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