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Welcome to Let's Learn About Lice - the #1 educational website on all things head lice. Everything on here is backed up with scientific data and studies so you know you're getting the right information.

We'll walk you through checking, detecting, treating, and preventing head lice. Any questions? Contact us here.

Check out our section "What are Lice?" to see not only what lice look like, but what they *don't* look like. The words egg and nit are interchangeable. To keep things simple, this site just calls them eggs.

No need to bug out! This site is here to help you through your battle with head lice. Learn all about lice treatment options and what to do around the home.

​Or you can bypass all that and contact your local professional now. 🙂

The good news is, you don't have to do nearly as much as you think you do! First and foremost, do not throw anything away! Also, no need to vacuum or bag anything. 🙂 Check out our section, "treating the home" so you don't spend needless hours cleaning your house.

Consider us your head lice support team! With downloadable pages to print and hand to your parents, as well as links to studies and articles, you can spend less time dealing with lice and more time focusing on regular operations. Check out our resources page.

Head lice help is here! Join the Head Lice Parent Support Group.

Our FB group will give you answers right away from professionals all over the world! Connect with someone right in your area!

Help is here! Did you know services like these exist? There are many benefits to contacting your local professional. Why bother with head lice, let them remove it all for you!

Are you a lice professional? Join our Facebook group Head Lice Industry Professionals and connect with other lice professionals from all over the world!

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